The main objective of the foundation is to distribute Luangpu Pramote Pamojjo's teachings and support all the related production and distribution. All media distributed by the foundation is free of charge. His books and CDs can be picked up directly from Wat Suansantidhamma temple, or by a request through the Foundation's Facebook page

The official website of Luangpu Pramote Pamojjo's teaching supported by the foundation. All e-books and audio can be downloaded for free in various languages included English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Vietnamese. Media available on this website are translated with permission from Luangpu Pramote Pamojjo and they are free of charge.


Podcasts are available in Thai, English and Chinese with dhamma.com as the distributor. To subscribe, simply search for dhamma.com in your favourite Podcast application.


dhamma.com YouTube official channel offers both Luangpu Pramote and assistant teachers' teachings. English, Chinese and Russian subtitles are available on some videos. Beginners will find the recordings from English and Chinese courses very useful for their practice in everyday life